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Thread: Pentaho CE Installation Questions

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    Default Pentaho CE Installation Questions

    Hello everyone,

    I am new with pentaho, I am a student trying to implement Pentaho solution to a research college project but I have two question with installation. I am using Ubuntu and Postgres

    1. The installation manual set an user called pentaho on Linux but I didnt set it bucause I had trouble so I use my default account on ubuntu. I need to know if there is a future problem with it, because I did not follow the manual and I am using my ubuntu user.

    2. When I am Initializing PostgreSQL BA Repository Database (Page 13 of Installation Manual) in point 3.g there is a script thay I need execute but I executed the command line and the file is not in the folder.
    this script:

    "\i /pentaho/server/biserver-ee/data/postgresql/pentaho_mart_postgresql.sql

    I swith for this in CE:

    "\i /server/biserver-ce/data/postgresql/pentaho_mart_postgresql.sql"

    So my questions are:
    - Should this file be my DW script?
    - There is a EE exclusive file?
    - Where can I find this file?

    I hope you can help me, I am new on BI and I am very exciting to learn a lot of this tool.

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    Hello Irken,

    1. It is no problem that you used your default user.
    2. The CE version of Pentaho don't use the pentaho_part database. All necessary databases are hibernate databases. Pentaho-CE will normally work straight away after unzipping. If you want to change the hiberbate database to PostgreSQL try follow this guideline and make the changes to work with PostgreSQL.

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