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Thread: Upload Files to FTP step

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    Default Upload Files to FTP step

    Hello, i have a problem connecting to the FTP server when using the "Upload files to FTPS step":
    i have an ssl explicit connection type.
    i put on the server name : ftpes://
    port: 21
    Connection type : TLS
    when i click on test connection the first time the error message shows : Error Trying to connect to host! Exception: Error connecting to host [ftpes://]! FtpIOException--> Return Value: 530 Description : Error connection to : ftpes://

    When i click on test button at the second time it shows connection OK,
    But when i execute my job the same error message show up.

    Anyone idea please.

    Thnaks in advance

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    +1 for this thread, I've got the exact same bug (connexion test okay when setting up parameters, but fails when executing)

    Thank you for helping

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    The trick of test ok is that it is do check only for first time. After you change something in settings - this still be ok in any case. Close and reopen job entry can help - old issue - seems still not be fixed - may be in 6.0
    Do not put server name with 'ftpes' - just use DNS server name.
    And one thing - if it could be valuable for your case - I am not 100% ftpes/ftps job entries can guarantee mitm protection. If it is possible may consider sftp step where is ftp is inside ssh.
    Anyway - hope it will help.

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    The problem is solved i had i problem with the certificate, once i added it to the keystore , it works perfectly.

    The test button works only for the first time, if you want to retest you have to close the step and re-open it. it's a pentaho bug.


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    Hi Zaineb,

    I am facing same to issue to connect to FTPS server and once I click on test connect its throwing error and in second attempt its get connected. But I run at Job level its not connecting.

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