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Thread: Dimension Lookup/Update very slow, what are the alternatives?

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    Question Dimension Lookup/Update very slow, what are the alternatives?

    My Dimension Lookup/Update is about 10x to 20x slower than the regular Table Output.

    What are some general common ways to speed this up?

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    Try to use "Table Output" step and enable "Error Handling" to manipulate duplicates

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    You can pre-process your batch and pre-load/update all your new dimension data. I generally will read in all of the batch data, then do a GroupBy on the dimension field. Send that output to a database lookup step (cache data set to "load all data from table"). If no row returned from lookup then send the error output to a table output step or upsert step that will create/update the dimension. Then you can run your regular transformation using just a database lookup step knowing that all of your dimensions are already processed.

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