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Thread: What's the most stable version of pentaho 5

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    Default What's the most stable version of pentaho 5

    Hi I'm using pentaho 5.01 and i have found some stability problems, like the followings:

    - browse file section remains loading when i have assigned some permissions to a dashboard doc (.cde)
    - I'm using a dynamic Schema processor, and sometimes (i don't know the reason) this library does not work properly (my solutions is to copy this library on necessary folders)

    - and some other problems I don't remember now.

    What version must I use? wich one is the stablest one?

    Best regards

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    I'm on 5.3 but that's just cause it was the latest. In checking out some threads (mostly CAS related) it seemed like users had less trouble with 5.0.1 than with my 5.3, but apparently you have issues with 5.0.1, so much for my theory of switching to 5.0.1 to see if its better

    Try contacting pentaho support directly... this forum is a hit and miss

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    We are running 5.3 with CAS and it's been super stable.

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