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    I have recently fallen in love with Carte and would like to start to use it vs chron to manage jobs and how often they run. But I have yet to figure out one item that would make my life much easier to do.

    In Jobs on the Start button you can set a sched to run Time/date/ect. hat I have not figured out is how to save "snapshot" of Carte jobs in the event that carte has to be restarted or crashes. The only way I know how to do this is to log back into spoon and relaunch the jobs and set the sched again and pass to the remote server

    Is there some means of saving the status so that you do not have to do that again?


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    There isn't a way within Carte as far as I know.
    However, there is likely a way to do it over all, since the commercial variant (Pentaho Data Integration Server) has this ability... But that might be a function of it using Quartz & Hibernate.

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