Good morning.

We are studying Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) to populate (some tables of) the database of our application from an external source. We successfully created some examples that connect to specific databases and write to a specific location. Now, I have been asked to create an ETL project that works with any source (?)... Indeed, our application can theoretically works with a wide variety of ERP. Unfortunately, it's not quite clear to me how to achieve this result... As far as I understood, the customer should only indicate the source table and the source column to copy in the destination table and column. The transformations and the load should be performed by the ETL we provide (?)...

I don't have any knowledge of Kettle, indeed I've tested it for only one week or a little more... I don't even know any other ETL solution. I'm really confused with the request I received, but I've been granted that ETLs can just work in that way, easily. For now, I haven't found any easy solution with PDI... Maybe are there other products providing this functionality? How? If PDI can deal with this requirements, can you guide me to examples and tutorials that can help me understand how to proceed?

Thank you very much.