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Thread: Upgrading Postgresql in Pentaho Enterprise

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    Default Upgrading Postgresql in Pentaho Enterprise

    I was wondering is there a way to upgrade the version of Posgres that Pentaho installs? Pentaho Enterprise Edition installs 9.1 however I need to use 9.2 or later, and was wondering if there is a script that I can run to upgrade, or if I can uninstall postgres and just install 9.2 and have Pentaho point to the new postgres instance. sorry if it's a rather newbie question, I've never worked with either before, so I'm still very new to both frameworks.

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    You certainly can use Postgres 9.2 but in order to do this you would have to use the Archive based installer and run the scripts that create the tables needed for Pentaho manually; these scripts can be found under: \biserver-ee\data\postgresql\

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