I'm facing a desing issue. If you see "Picture 1.png", you'll see I have my "Deads" cube in day granularity (Time dimension), and I have to create now another cube called "Populations" wich is in year granularity.

Picture 1

My bussiness users wants to get some statistics between Deads and Population, but the population raw data is set by year. I came up with the creation of a virtual cube, but the different Time granularities of these two dimensions has troubled me. The "Population" dimension has not been created yet.

Please, see "Picture 2.png" to see the fix I was thinking. I think that with pure SQL I could get what I want, but MDX has made my life a little easier.

Picture 2

Any idea what I could do here??

I've read this at

Virtual cubes are useful for situations where there are fact tables of different granularities (for instance, one Time fact table might be configured on a Day level, another at the Month level)

But, I don't know how this can be possible.

Bye, and best regards