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Thread: An alternative for Tableau Packaged Workbooks?

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    Default An alternative for Tableau Packaged Workbooks?


    We are looking for alternatives for Tableau Packaged Workbooks. Meaning: the ability to package a dashboard with its dataset and make it available for offline viewing and interactive analysis.
    Moreover, we should be able to generate these 'workbooks' for 300+ end users, with every end user having the same dashboard but of course only his particular (filtered) data set.

    Is this in any way possible within the Pentaho solution? Should I be looking at Ctools? A warm thanks for any tip in the right direction!


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    I'm afraid there's no such functionality in Pentaho, not even with CTools. I think the closest you'll get to this is publishing reports in Pentaho BA Server so that users can export them, but interactivity is something you won't have with this approach.

    I hope I'm wrong about that, but I've never heard of anything like this in Pentaho.
    Best Regards,

    Hugo Cerqueira
    Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse Analyst

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