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Thread: MDX cumulative measure

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    Default MDX cumulative measure

    Hi all, maybe someone can help me with this MXD query. I need to make a general cumulative measure like the one in the picture (coloured in yellow). I tried with YTD() but it is not possible because it accumulate only within the year.
    I'll appreciate your help.
    Best regards.

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    Are Ano and Semestre part of a time hierarchy? If so than something like:

    SUM( Semestre.Semestre.members.Item(0) : Semestre.CurrentMember, measures.[Cantidad personas])

    That grabs the first item of the semestres level as the left end of a range going up to the currentmember, adding it all up.

    If they're on distinct hierarchies it gets trickier. Something like:

    SUM(HEAD(Crossjoin(Ano.[Ano].members, [Semestre].[Semestre].members),RANK(([Semestre].CURRENTMEMBER, [Ano].CURRENTMEMBER),Crossjoin(Ano.[Ano].members, [Semestre].[Semestre].members))),[Measures].[Unit Sales])

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    Thanks @mcampbel, it worked perfect with the first formula.

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    I have the same problem but the formulas provided are not working.
    I am using mondrian 4.

    Please help.

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