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Thread: Copying Recent files Uploaded in SFTP to another folder

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    Default Copying Recent files Uploaded in SFTP to another folder

    I created a job which will uploads 4 files on the SFTP server daily. The files are results of a transformation.
    Daily, 4 files are created and it keeps on accumulating in one folder. The requirement is to have another
    folder which only contains the recent files on the same day.

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    Can anybody help?

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    Your problem specification is a bit vague.
    There are too many open questions that keep me from suggesting a solution.

    For example:
    You really designed a job only to upload the files?
    Are there variable parts in a filename?
    Applies the same naming rule to the daily and the archived filenames?
    Must daily files exist in both daily and archive folders at any time?
    What's the reason behind a separate folder for the daily files?
    Are the daily files processed once or multiple times on the target server?

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