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Thread: Replace value with null

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    Default Replace value with null

    Can anyone tell me how to replace "" with null values.
    I have used if field value is null . But im getting '''''''''' instead of "".Then I have used javascript as value='""'. Here also im getting same issue.

    Help me.

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    Which step get your input data?
    Are you reading a text file? Or a DB?
    Are you going to save the file as text or to upload it to another db?
    Version of PDI used?
    -- Mick --

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    I have a inut csv file. and one column is assigned as empty. But in Output csv file I have to get double quotes for all fields and values and delimiter is |.
    If I use If field value is null in intermediate step,im getting """"""instead of "" because of force the enclosure around fields.


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    I have created Generate Data Instead of CSV as Input. Can you check. I will Attach KTR file as well
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    No im getting null Only. Don't know how to handle without javascript.

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    Can you please specify what is the desired outcome?
    Right now, the CSV file has output the following:
    "not empty"|"full 2"
    |"full 1"

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