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Thread: Using Different Queries from same Transformation

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    Default Using Different Queries from same Transformation

    We created a transformation in Spoon that goes through multiple steps. At a number of steps, we want to make some charts from the data at that specific step. We tried making 1 report, but found that each report could only use 1 query, so we could not take data from different steps. To get around this, we just made multiple sub reports that each use a specific query from the transformation. However, we are now running into the problem that each sub report runs the transformation itself. So now instead of running the transformation once and getting 10 reports, we run the transformation 10 times in total. Is there a way to run the transformation once, but use different queries for each of the reports, or charts?

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    I am facing the same situation. Did you solve it? or at least did you find a workaround?

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    This is built in into how Kettle works. Kettle always starts all steps of a transformation in parallel. If the steps are independent, you can simply move them into their own transformations.

    Otherwise: Implement caching. Pass the report's date ("" field) down to Kettle, and when the transformation runs the first time for a given date, let it generate the data as CSV files in a cache/tmp-directory. Subsequent calls can then simply read the files as needed. The date passed in will be the same for the whole lifetime of the report-process.
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