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Thread: Aborting a transformation without an error

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    Default Aborting a transformation without an error


    Is there a way to abort a transformation without logging an error?
    I have a filter step with to hops:
    1. True = insert to a table
    2. False = Abort transformation

    I want my to job to move to the next transformation without producing an error (so only in case of error in the target table the job will quit).

    Is that possible?

    Thanks a lot!

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    If no steps throw an uncaught error, then your transform will report success.
    So... Catch the errors and do something with them, or filter to a dummy step...

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    If True = Insert to a table.
    If False = Abort transformation.

    If that it was already False, then return to [parent] Job level. You can direct the False to a 'Success' step or do something else with it so that the entire job will not error out and quit. If this is how you intend to the design to be, then be sure also to specify at which point it will be a true error, where it aborts job and report on the error.

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