Good morning. I am new to Pentaho integration and inherited the troubleshooting, etc. that came with the jobs. Suddenly last Thursday morning, the one daily job stopped working. No one has modified anything, so I am puzzled as to what could have happened. The job takes files received from another client's SFTP server, puts them in the landing folder, and runs a job that parses/decrypts the files, puts them in the inbound folder and then moves them to a instance via dataloader and puts the log into the BKUP folder. This whole jobs is supposed to run without any manual intervention.

The job does go out and grabs the file and puts it in the landing folder. It now does not decrypt the files nor transfers them to the inbound folder and of course, does not put them into the Salesforce instance. The log that shows up in the BKUP folder states at the end: Total files in error: 2 and it gives a false statement to decryption and putting the files into Salesforce.

I thought at first it was a decryption issue. However, if I go to the command prompt and run each file individually with the .bat job - it works. However, sometimes I need to run the .bat job twice. This does not make sense to me either. I am thinking there are two files out there that are giving me a problem. Each day, new files are being fetched from the server, so the files are adding up.

Is there something obvious I am missing? It is puzzling because none of us would touch Pentaho or change these jobs.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.