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Thread: Rename variable file name

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    Default Rename variable file name

    I have a file that I receive which includes a date/time stamp.

    I ultimately want to unzip the file, but have had issues renaming a file with a variable filename. Because of this issues, I've tried to rename the file to a standard filename. Any ideas?

    File received yesterday:
    File received today:

    I either want to unzip that file, or I want to rename the file I receive to

    Any recommendations?

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    I guess I could do it all via scripts....but that defeats the purpose.

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    You only know parts of the ZIP filename, so let's hope you know the folder to search for files matching these known parts.
    You can search the folder using job entry Add-Filenames-To-Result or transformation step Get-File-Names depending on your overall design.
    It's not clear from your problem description if you really must unzip.
    Please note that Kettle is able to process files inside of a ZIP archive directly using VFS.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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