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    Default Trying to create a map component ...

    I'm trying to create a map component. Followed CDE map reference. The map shows as expected, but no way to see any markers from an MDX source.

    I started with a very simple marker MDX that returns just a couple of points:

    NON EMPTY [Measures].[Sales] ON COLUMNS,
    NON EMPTY {Hierarchize({{[GeoDim.GeoHie].[1.83679], [GeoDim.GeoHie].[1.1928]}, Filter({{[GeoDim.GeoHie].[Lat].Members}}, (Exists(Ancestor([GeoDim.GeoHie].CurrentMember, [GeoDim.GeoHie].[Lon]), {[GeoDim.GeoHie].[1.83679], [GeoDim.GeoHie].[1.1928]}).Count  > 0))})} ON ROWS
    FROM [SalesCube]
    Any idea what is wrong with my MDX?

    PS. Yes, I checked the map for switched Lat/lon
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