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Thread: MS SQL Repository Not Supported?

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    Post MS SQL Repository Not Supported?

    I just upgraded to PDI 5.4 from 5.0. We use the Google Analytics step and this upgrade is imperative for our on-going report needs. This upgrade as resulted in a couple issues:

    1) With this version, I can connect to the existing repository. However, once I open or create a new job/transformation or use the navigation pane, I get an error:
    There was an error reading the shared objects: Unable to get list of element types for namespace 'pentaho'.

    2) Because of this, I thought I might need to upgrade our repository. When I go to edit the Repository information, it tells me
    This database is not supported for the use as a database repository.
    Connection Type: MS SQL Server
    Access: Native (JDBC)
    Test Connection : OK

    When I "continue anyway", I get a Java ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.

    Not sure if these issues are related but after I exported our database repository to a file repository, both errors are gone. However, this is not our desired architecture.

    Thanks in advance for the help,

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    Hi Alyssa,

    I am using MYSQL and got the same 'ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException' when trying to save.
    I guess that although we can connect to the repository, something doesn't quiet match in the structure with the new version.

    What I did to solve it was:

    1) Connect with my old version of PDI 5.3 and export the repository.
    Tools / Repository / Export repository
    2) Create a new schema in my db to create a new PDI repository for 5.4
    3) Open PDI 5.4 and create a new database repository using the schema I created in step 2
    4) Import my repository
    Tools / Repository / Import repository

    Everything seems to run smoothly from there.

    Hope it helps, cheers!


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    We undertook the same a couple of weeks ago. Same situation: 5.0.1 repository on MS SQL and we got the same error (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException).

    Found out you can't upgrade your repository from 5.0.1 to 5.4 directly, but you need to follow the version path (5.0 => 5.1 => 5.2 => 5.3 => 5.4). Every version generates the appropriate SQL to upgrade the repository.

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