I'm new with the combination lookup/update function, so I'm a little unsure of what I'm doing wrong here.

In my source data I have a character field, and in my database I have a dimension table with an auto-incrementing integer key and a character field. What I'd like to do is match that character field to my dimensions table, inserting any missing records, then retrieve the matching integer key to use in later steps.

I've attached a screenshot of the step, as well as the error below. The error references a null condition, but an earlier step in the process explicitly filters out all rows where that field is null.

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2015/06/10 13:25:46 - cpt_lookup.0 - ERROR (version, build 1 from 2015-02-02_12-17-08 by buildguy) : Because of an error, this step can't continue:
2015/06/10 13:25:46 - cpt_lookup.0 - offending row : [cpt String(5)<binary-string>], [cpt_1 String(5)<binary-string>]
2015/06/10 13:25:46 - cpt_lookup.0 -
2015/06/10 13:25:46 - cpt_lookup.0 - Error setting value #2 [String(5)<binary-string>] on prepared statement
2015/06/10 13:25:46 - cpt_lookup.0 - Unable to verify if [cpt_1 String(5)<binary-string>] is null or not because of an error:java.lang.ClassCastException