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Thread: Streamlined data refinery

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    Default Streamlined data refinery

    Hi guys,
    I'm currently going into Streamlined Data Refinely approach starting from this pentaho page:

    Starting from the point that this approach is possible only with Pentaho Data Integration EE which allows to create a job to design and publish data set on demand.

    I'm asking to you in which way is possible to develop the process to automatize data refinery:
    - which components are involved in the development?
    - some guide?


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    Hi Nico

    I have been trying out the SDR example documented at as well for some months now, but to no vail. The earlier version of the example called BioMe seems to work on a 5.4 version of Pentaho, but the movie lens example documented in the link I mentioned had a lot of errors, but finally when all the issues were fixed, I realized that the zip archive did not include the weblog files. Still waiting for this to be resolved.

    To answer your question, you can use sparkl to look into the SDR plugin. It uses both the BI server and the DI server to kick off the endpoints from the main form.

    It has been sometime since you posted, let me know if you were able to make any progress.


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