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Thread: "Missing schemas & cubes" using DSP

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    Default "Missing schemas & cubes" using DSP

    I'm using Mondrian with Dynamic Schema Processor in Pentaho-Suite 5.3 CE,

    I have a CDE dashboard which runs queries against a cube modified by my DSP class. The dashboard works perfectly.

    The problem is that since I implemented DSP the cube is not longer available in the list of schemas/cubes in jpivot and saiku.
    Also, the schema does not appear in the list of available schemas in the MDX queries in CDE. In the queries that already existed, the "Mondrian schema" field says "mondrian:/my_schema"

    What am I missing or doing wrong?


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    I found it!
    When I imported the schema, I chose the proper datasource from the list. Then, I selected "Manually enter data source parameter values", and added the rest of the parameters.
    I didn't realize that I must enter the datasource again. However, Pentaho saved the datasource somewhere, because I was in fact able to run the queries against the cubes in the schema.

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