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Thread: protovis And D3.js ,Pentaho CDE

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    Default protovis And D3.js ,Pentaho CDE


    Which of the two technologies Pentaho CDE latest version is using ?

    CCC-V1 uses which one ?
    CCC-V2 using which one ?

    What are the main differences b/w protovis and D3 ?

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    Both versions of CCC use protovis -- a version maintained by WebDetails (

    About the differences, you should search the web... Here are the main characteristics of each (that I can remember):

    • protovis
      • has a graphical abstractions layer, built up of a set of marks: line, area, dot, bar, panel,...
      • hides the real DOM
      • can render to both SVG and VML(IE <=8)
      • marks are created and form a (tree-like) template, to which data is later bound, generating mark-instances in a render tree
      • supports events, but has no support for touch events
      • supports animation, but can only do one animation at a time, and from the root mark

    • d3
      • a DOM manipulation API (think jQuery)
      • lets the DOM show-through
      • manipulates any DOM technology (HTML, SVG, HTML, WebGL, MathML,...)
      • animation and one-way data-binding are cornerstone concepts and work together
        • multiple simultaneous animations
        • different properties can be defined for entering, exiting and updating elements of animations

      • supports events, including touch events
      • provides utility/helper classes to ease SVG creation, and to some extent bridge the gap to the missing marks abstraction layer

    Both are beautifully written graphical libraries, by the same author.

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    See and

    Protovis is a predecessor technology to D3JS and development of Protovis has stopped.

    I would like to see Pentaho change its graphics to use D3JS in the future.

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