We have some ETL processes working in production environment. We have one server with PDI CE 5.0 working 24/7 with cron. We actually have a file repository, not ddbb repository.

I usually development and make corrections on my computer, when it's ok I update the server in production. We have the same file estructure to get it works. I synchronize changes with Git.

Now we have to migrate the ETL repository on ddbb to improve work team and use a web service.

The problem it's that if I make changes on that repository, I will change the ETL on production. And it's dangerous, cumbersome and prone to errors.

One solution is have two ETL (one draft and one production), but some proccess are really complex to replicate changes manually. Maybe other solution could be have one ddbb repository for dev ETL and one ddbb repository for prod ETL, but, how can I synchronize them? With files are simple to synchronize and great with Git, but I don't find a quick and easy way to do it.

So, how do you think that it's the best practice to synchronize changes and have a separate draft / production environments?