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Thread: How can use the API to load a .prpt file from the repo

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    Default How can use the API to load a .prpt file from the repo


    there are some examples on how to load report files from filesystems in the book "Pentaho Reporting for Java Developers". However, I cannot figure out how to load a report from the BI server repo.

    Any ideas?



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    I found a way by myself:

    Using the BI Server API, which is documented in these pages:

    I had to pass the ResourceManager::createDirectly() method a byte[] instead of URL, which is what I found in the pentaho book.

    Hope it helps. Cheers,


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    Default How to fill data into a table in a prpt file using java

    I have created a prpt file that contains a table using reprt designer.I referred Will Gorman's book 'Pentaho reporting for Java developers'.I have parsed the prpt file and am trying to fill data from a query into this table using java.I am able to generate an empty pdf.Below is the code snippet :
    TypedTableModel ttm=newTypedTableModel(newString[]{"Date","Duration"});

    This did not work.What is the correct way to populate an existing table?The prpt file already contains the basic outline of the table but filling the data in the table has to be done using java API.

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