Hi All,

Sorry it might be that there are a simple answer to my question - I mean being a complete newbie there is a huge chance that I missed out on a couple of things.

I installed the PDI tool and tried to import some simple files(text file input) into a sql database(mysql). I discovered that when I save my work, exit and subsequent open my work(ktr-file) the file not being empty (30kb or so) - but no steps, connections or hops was shown. Subsequently I have been able to provoke the behavior by adding the "text file input" - entering the filename(at this point I am able to reopen fine). Then used the "get fields" within this step - saved but after this when I reopen nothing is show on the canvas or navigation pane (the steps seems lost).

I am running the version on osx (10.10.4).

Any pointers greatly appreciated.