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Thread: BI Server Development ... Build Process, IDE, Debugging ?

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    Default BI Server Development ... Build Process, IDE, Debugging ?


    I've been trying to set up the BI server source code for development because I wanted to do some experimentation with it.
    But up to now I only was able to get a working build by copying what the CI build server does.

    I found several pages of documentation that explain build steps but most of them might be outdated maybe (some of them are pre-2013).

    My main questions are:
    1. What IDE should I use if I want to compile and debug the BI Server platform ? Which IDE do Pentaho developers usually use ?
    2. What are the necessary steps to prepare the development environment and perform a successful build ?
    3. do I need to install Tomcat myself or is it handled by the build process, what do I need to do to debug the BI server in say IntelliJ IDEA ?

    Any help in answering those questions would be much appreciated.


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    1. Usually Eclipse or Intellij. I usually use Intellij.
    2. Clone the repo and call ant from the command line. Can't recall the full target list. Something like (while at the assembly folder):
    ant -file assembly.xml clean-all resolve assemble package

    will create the final assembly (the zip as it is on CI), but it won't compile the inner projects (it's just the assembly). For compiling the projects you should
    cd into the project you want to build (core, extensions, repository, scheduler or user-console) and run ant clean resolve publish-local.
    You can then setup each project in the IDE (or just have a single project with several submodules, whatever you prefer).

    4. No, that's handled by the build process. There's a script called start-pentaho-debug that will enable JPDA (I think that's the name). Once that's running you can debug it from the IDE
    Debug remote application -> choose port that's shown in tomcat startup -> Set breakpoints.

    hope that helps.
    Pedro Vale
    CTools Product Development

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