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Thread: Is it necessary to Initialize Repository for Penatho BI 5.2.0 CE server

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    Default Is it necessary to Initialize Repository for Penatho BI 5.2.0 CE server


    I have 1 question.

    Is it mandatory to Initialize Repository in BI server.I am using Pentaho 5.2.0 CE version.I am configuring everything in development server unix-Debian system

    By Initialise Repository i mean

    Creating Jackrabbit ,Quartz ,Hibernate database and the tables

    I am using Postgres Database..

    Please help me on this


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    I found it.It is not required to create and Initialise repository in case of Community edition

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    In fact, it's not required, though you might want to in some cases. Pentaho BA Server usually is available under two versions. One of them is a preconfigured package, so that you have to perform minimal configuration. The other one is a manual package, with the war files for Pentaho application, pentaho-solution files and data generation scripts (used to initialize the repositories).

    The preconfigured version uses hsql as repository by default, so you don't have to initialize it. The manual package, on the other hand requires you to initialize it (in hsql or any other supported DBMS). However, there's no manual package for version 5.2 (the same goes for 5.1), so your only option is to use the preconfigured version. Still, you may configure your server to use another DBMS instead of the default.
    Best Regards,

    Hugo Cerqueira
    Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse Analyst

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