I am creating a Mondrian Cube and using it in a Saiku Analytics Report.

I use the option in Saiku to add a Grand Totals row. This works fine for all the columns which are summable. However, there are columns for which I want to tell the system not to apply the sum but in the case of a sum row, apply the row-wise formula.

For example the below table shows a Ratio% column which is ColumnA / ColumnB as a percentage. When I apply the Grand Total row using the Sum aggregation, I get the sum of the percentages as shown in red below.

Session ColumnA ColumnB Ratio%
A 56 57 98,25%
B 40 45 88,89%
C 32 42 76,19%
Total 128 144 263,32%

How can I tell the schema or Saiku that in case of a Totals row being added, that column should not be summed up but it should rather apply the formula applied to the calculated member?

Thanks in advance.