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Thread: Parallel processing of the same job

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    Default Parallel processing of the same job

    Hi all,

    Have a question about parallelism.

    I need to import several CSV files into a DB. I have the job running sequentially.

    The idea is to have a job that can be called one time for each entry in a list.
    So i get my list of files in one job, Copy results, and the next step I mark it to run for each row, and in parallel.

    The problem is that run in parallel is ignored, and it runs one for each record, but sequentially.

    ANyone has any experience running the same job several times in parallel?

    Any example I can use?

    Thanks all!


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    You can use the step JobExecutor in a transformation to execute the job in parallel.

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    Thanks Mathias..

    Exactly what i did, worked like a charm!

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