I am currently running crazy with heading up the implementation-FTP/configuration/writing all the reports etc. and right now my biggest snaffu is though I can alter a parameter with code in a Dashboard so it pulls the most recent accounting month but from there the report won't print via scheduler. What I need to know is how to achieve it in an Analyzer report.

I have data from a past posting: "So for your "date" parameter, create a "real_date" parameter. Mark it as hidden, give it the same data-type as your original "date" parameter. And then give it a post-processing formula like this:

=IF([subscribe] = TRUE(); TODAY(); [date])

This way, when you are running inside the scheduler, you ignore the original date parameter and compute a proper one, and when you are in interactive mode, you just use the user's input."
but I am guessing that works for the date, does it also work for only month and how do I carry that out in analyzer? Di I go to the inspect element and then edit the code?

I'm sorry - I am under the gun and as the sole member of the project a tad overextended.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!!