For convenience, I installed biserver-ce on a laptop that already had biserver-ee, figuring, minimally, to run them one at a time (until I managed to set up separate tomcat ports). Turns out there are 2 instances of postgres, one for biserver-ee and another I use independent of Pentaho. In this configuration, with simply unzipping biserver-ce and running start-pentaho.bat, I can create a data source, but not reports (from Saiku) and have other issues (can't see browse files, etc.). The error messages I can understand hint at failure to connect to databases, including hibernate, and failure to "get content generator". I'm guessing there's an issue with the repository.

If I run the postgresql creation scripts, would this solve the problem? I noticed that the META_INF/context.xml for CE references hsql database.

Any suggestions for how I can most cleanly implement EE and CE on the same laptop?