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Thread: How to reduce the cancellation time of a query

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    Default How to reduce the cancellation time of a query


    When cancelling a Mondrian query through the Saiku UI, I notice that the JVM running Saiku & mondrian keeps on occupying my CPU for 30 seconds till 10 minutes. A screenshot of the profiler shows following stack:
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    When running this on a single-cored server, it even take hours before the query execution is cancelled. Because I thought it might be due to multithreading (RolapResultShepherd class), I reduced the amount of SQL, MDX and Cache threads to 1 in the but to no prevail.

    Can someone explain the inner workings of the cancellation procedure? And do you know any options I can try to make sure the query is cancelled in a shorter period of time?

    Thank you.

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    In general a cancellation should be picked up and handled immediately. There are some places where cancellation is not checked until an operation is completed, however, and if the operation is long running (like your tuple list merge) then cancellation can be delayed. I believe what you're seeing is captured here:

    Some work has been done over the past year to clean up some places where cancellation is not handled correctly, but 2279 is still outstanding. Vote for it-- that'll increase it's visibility.

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    Thank you for your answer. I up-voted the issue and started watching it.

    We see that our server gets bogged down because of accumulation of cancelled user queries. You know any remedies?

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