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Thread: Email report in HTML and PDF

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    Default Email report in HTML and PDF

    I have an Xaction that runs two reports.

    - A summary reports with output as table/html
    - A detailed report with output as PDF

    both report "use content repository"

    I then send an email that contains both reports. The summary as html in the body and the detailed as a pdf attachment.

    It works great if I run this Xaction from the user console. I get the summary report embedded in my email body and an attachment containing the pdf.

    If I schedule this report with a private schedule in pentaho, I receive an email with the pdf as an attachment but the body of the email contains also the pdf report that the email client tries to display as html (it looks like garbage but I can see some pdf codes among that binary data)

    Any ideas what couls cause the different behavior between running it from the console and from the scheduler ?
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    It seems to be related to background vs foreground execution. output files are not stored in the same location in the content repository (system/content folder).

    With my 2 reports, i use "contentrepo" for the output destination. Two files are created with a random name like:


    When this xAction is ran in background, the repository output names are overriden with


    Since both files have the same name, the first report ouptut is overwritten by the second.

    - How is this random filename is generated and can I have two different one ?
    - Why are the original content folders are oweridden with background and can I disable this ?

    Any hints ?
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    I found a solution after searching through code ...

    instead of using a output destination of type "contentrepo" for my two outputs, I use a destination type "file" with names like



    The output is not replaced with "background" and I can have two different reports in the same xAction.

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    Pedro Alves
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    Hi Haubuchon,

    I have the same requirement as you, to send two reports, one as HTML in email body and other as excel attachment.
    Can you please share the Xaction file or the steps to accomplish this from Pentaho User console scheduler?


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