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Thread: Automatic Documentation Output vs. SQL Repository Documentation

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    Default Automatic Documentation Output vs. SQL Repository Documentation

    Partial answer to question below: In at least the current version of Pentaho DI there is a utility, the eighth icon from left which will 'analyze the impact of this transformation on the database' (it's database icon with a jagged arrow in the lower right hand pointing up)

    However that does not supplant a tool which would summarize the info of a job succinctly on one sheet with just a bit more info than the table output by the analysis utility.

    How does Pentaho not have a button (menu item) which spits out documentation of repositories?
    I have a database mysql repository, with many jobs (a few hundred) and steps (a few thousand).

    I'm creating sql queries to display information buried in the GUIs. Even small (10 to 20 step) transformations are too difficult to fully understand without a single sheet summary. This could manually be left in notes as part of the GUI during creation of the job. Even then an automated process is desirable.

    Does anyone already have those queries?

    Also, exporting repository to xml not trouble free, but running the Automatic Documentation Sample example doesn't work out of the box either, or after with some fiddling. But I'm doing the direct db query thing for now.

    I'll post my solution (queries) if it comes before an answer.
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