This is my first post in this forum, although I'm daily Pentaho user since 2012 and mainly because everything needed, was easily found in this great forum and in some good known blogs
Firstly thank you for great tools you offer for us and do not consider my post as complaint, but it seems that new icon changes (>5.4) is mainly driven by marketing and are not enough tested in production.
Although SVG for icons is definitely technical improvement, but when we consider visual/usability design- it's a huge step back.
Everything looks polished and cool from marketing/branding perspective, but it's became hard to work with it now- all icons are hardly distinguishable from each other, everything is in one big mess, so one ought to buy a new glasses (I don't wear till now), to see difference between "Execute row SQL script" and "Modified Java Script Value" for instance. And damn, where is Microsoft Excel Input? Yes!!! I found it by name somewhere in the middle of list. When I look to my jobs/transformations, I can't differentiate them either - need to focus on arrows in icons (give me those new glasses please)! When I look at some bigger transformation, I see those green check marks and stop marks- they became the main part in my transformation now and when I look at my job, I see some green big "Cobra Hop" only.
I found that I became colorblind while using new PDI for a long day and my eyes are hurting while searching for names in lists, in transformations in jobs!
Come on guys, give us back those colors at least!