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Thread: Initialize variables at start of job/transformation

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    purveshk Guest

    Default Initialize variables at start of job/transformation


    I am looking forward to a solution that would help me initialize the setting parameters at the start of a job or a transformation.

    Looking at the suggestions on forums, I have tried to look for, however I am unable to find it on my workstation. Can anybody suggest an alternative to achieve this?

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    Why not just set the default value?
    If a job or transform is called and the parameter is not set, then it will use the default value.

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    Some additional thoughts on this:

    Parameters are set by name on the kitchen (or pan) command line.
    You just can use variables instead, which are initialized from near and far properties files by a Set-Variables job entry right after the Start entry.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    purveshk Guest


    Thanks marabou and gutlez for response.

    I will try to see if the default variables would suffice.

    To explain my problem in detail:

    I have an ETL, which we want to replace with Pentaho. In the existing structure, we have multiple directory paths which denote the Root directory, File landing path, File processing Path etc. Since, we need these paths to be configurable, I am looking forward to create such a file or perform such setting in Pentaho, before each job/transformation runs so that there need not be any hard coding of the directory locations.
    After researching on Forums, I found there are two options
    1. Setting the variables in, so that everytime Pentaho is invoked, these variables will be set
    2. Setting the variables at start of each job

    Option 1 seems more suitable as it would be a one time change and setting the variable repeatatively does not look good. However, I'm unable to find the properties file on my workstation.

    For Option 2, I am trying to build a sub-transformation what I will call for every job and set the variables. However, I'm not sure if the variables will persist for the job lifecycle.

    Hence, I am seeking your advice if there is a better way to do this.

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    However, I'm unable to find the properties file on my workstation.
    If you use windows check:

    In Windows XP or soem older servers should be:
    C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\.kettle
    -- Mick --

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