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Thread: XML file to csv

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    Default XML file to csv

    Hello everyone,

    I am struggling with a small but tricky xml-to-csv conversion.

    Input file:-
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <product product-id="1">
                <custom-attribute id="a">true</custom-attribute>
                <custom-attribute id="b">false</custom-attribute>
                <custom-attribute id="c">
                <custom-attribute id="d">false</custom-attribute>
    Output file:-
    product-id, name, custome-attribute, custome-attribute-id, value
    1, laptop, true, a, (null)
    1, laptop, false, b, (null)
    1, laptop, (null), c, large
    1, laptop, (null), c, medium
    1, laptop, (null), c, small
    1, laptop, false, d, (null)
    Here you can see that :-
    1. custom-attribute is multi occurrence element
    2. If custom-attribute is having child element 'value', in that case there is no separate value for custom-attribute.
    3. 'value' is multi occurrence element as well.
    4. in example output which I have mentioned, '(null)' represents null value.

    I did lots of play around in 'Get data from XML'. Looks like I am not able to select correct loop or might be some wrong XPath. Please look at it.

    Any help, any hint will be much appreciated.

    PDI - 5.4.0 / Windows 10


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    I wonder what you tried to fail.

    The golden rule is to set the loop to the innermost repeating element of interest.
    Would be //value but it's missing sometimes and you must cope with mixed content, so choose custom-attribute instead.
    Now deal with the mixed content by chaining a second GDFX step and you're done.
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    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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