I am my wits end
I have successfully integrated the reporting engine ( into a java app - works fine
As soon a I change a report in the designer to be a JNDI that report fails to run in the app
I have tried everything on the $HOME/.pentaho/simple_jndi/default.properties file - all to no avail

Using the JNDI config in the Designer report runs fine.
All the reports in the app run fine provide they use the native mysql interfact either through localhost or HOSTNAME\

Running the JNDI report in the java app produces 2 separate errors:
1. Specified class org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.cache.EhCacheDataCache cannot be loaded [NOCLASSDEFERROR].

To my knowledge all necessary jars are present, and This error does not occur unless trying to run a JNDI report

2. The ubiquitous JNDI error org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.modules.misc.connections.DatasourceServiceException: Failed to access the JNDI system: Cannot find the requested datasource 'Multi' anywhere in the JNDI system.
'Multi' is defined in the default.properties file

Seems to me the is so other missing configuration file. The director simple-jndi has all the necessary component files and directories
Searching through the code I can not find any obvious place where this default.properties is ever accessed...

I have recently tried with the sdk sample examples, built the sample, loaded my prpt file into it, same error....

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated