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Thread: Migrating Jobs and Transformation from one server to another

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    Default Migrating Jobs and Transformation from one server to another


    We are using two servers, one as preprod and other as Production. When we are migrating jobs or Transformations from preprod to Prod it copies its connection properties as well and this affects our Production job execution.
    Can someone let me know how to migrate transformations without coping it's connections to another server.


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    Standard practice in PDI is to use variables in your connections (for example in the hostname box, put ${SRC_DB_HOST} )
    In the %USERPROFILE%/.kettle/ (windows) or ~/.kettle/ (Linux) you can define on a per-workstation basis, what SRC_DB_HOST is (eg. on Dev systems, SRC_DB_HOST=localhost but on prod PDI server, SRC_DB_HOST=proddbsrv )

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