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Thread: Help with box plot needed

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    Default Help with box plot needed

    I'm using a Mondrian MDX query as a datasource for a box plot on my CDE dashboard.

    The MDX query:
    [Month].[Month].Members on 1,
    {[Measures].[Median],[Measures].[P25],[Measures].[P75],[Measures].[P5],[Measures].[P95]} on 0
    FROM [StationData]

    I've not changed any of the default settings on the box plot chart. But instead of rendering as a box plot, every measure is treated as new series. So in Januari, I'm getting five dashes, one for the Median of the Median, one for the Median of P25 etc.

    I've tried giving each measure its own dimension, but Mondrian won't allow that.

    How can I get Pentaho to render the box chart correctly.
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    Making the following settings in the CDE chart solved it:
    - dataMeasuresInColumns: True
    - dataIgnoreMetadataLabels: True
    - isMultiValued: True

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