Hi. In my kettle job, there is a transform that contains a postgres table input which creates a stream to 3 different switch case components in the same transform. The job runs nightly and every so often (maybe 1 out of 20 times) this transform appears to start but do nothing and pentaho thinks the transform ran fine. When I have to fix it, I re run just the transform and the situation gets corrected. The telltale sign in the log is the obvious nonappearance of the familiar switch / case components being reported as having finished processing after the statement "Table input - Finished reading query, closing connection". But the statement "Table input - Finished reading query, closing connection" shows even on what i'm calling "failure". The query looks complex but nothing in the various where clauses suggests to me that in any of the situations I've described zero rows would be returned. Where does someone start to resolve this kind of thing?