I have to seamlessly integrate Pentaho with an application such that if i have logged-in into the application, then i can directly access the reports without passing the credentials again.
I have been able to do this by appending the credentials into the url and then accessing the url directly. Is there any other alternate way to do this ? or the way i have tried is appropriate ?

Also, is it possible if i can pass the report selection criteria along with the report url such that my report is automatically opened on the basis of the field that i passed?
For eg, I have created a report for 5 users that fetches the details of all those 5 users which i can view using the drop-down (passing user as parameter). But now, if i login from my application as user 1,after clicking the report url, i should be able to view only details of user1 without being able to see the details of other users. In other words, along with giving the url of report, i want to send the parameter as 'user1' such that the report criteria is automatically selected. Is there any way to do this ?

Please guide me.

Thanks in advance.