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    Default datetime datatype issue in database Lookup step

    Hi All,

    Currently i am working on PDI-CE-5.3 and NOW i'm trying to upgrade my assets in PDI-CE-6.0 version. when i run my assets using PDI-CE-6.0 version getting issues with datetime columns.

    Here is my scenario:- I kept data type for column in MySQL database as 'datetime' . i ran my ETL in PDI-CE-5.3 edition without any errors but when i ran over same assets in PDI-CE-6.0 version then i am getting issue like : " Timestamp : can't be converted to a timestamp "

    How come it is possible/succeeded in 5.3 but not in 6.0 version ?

    If i modify the datatype from date to time stamp then it is working in pdi-6.0 version.
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    Please help me.
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    I got a similar problem.
    I have a database lookup step returning fields that were expected to be Date.
    The field returned is defined as a Date on Oracle Database.

    The transformation fails logging the message:
    Timestamp : can't be converted to a timestamp

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    While fetching the column from database try to convert it into date format using DATE_FORMAT step.

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    Yes i will do it and it will work if i modify the date format.

    But here my intention is is someone facing issues in 6.0 version even though it was successful in 5.3 version. anyhow few of them(pentaho user : Orair) are facing similar issues.

    Hope few of them will raise issues if already faced in pdi-ce-6.0 version. Why it is important is , before up-gradation older assets to 6.0 version, it is very difficult to maintain in prod environment.

    Please aware of these issues.

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by santhi View Post
    before up-gradation older assets to 6.0 version, it is very difficult to maintain in prod environment.
    Why would you upgrade a prod environment without first testing it on a Dev environment, and verifying that everything works?
    If something did change, then you would develop a migration path for those Transformations that were impacted. This is very standard in Server Operations... **ESPECIALLY** when crossing major version numbers (a major version number change is a glaring sign that says "this version changes things")

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    Might be my English was wrong, sorry for that.

    My intention was, even though if we haven't got any issues in dev enviornment and if we moved to production there will be lot of chances to get issues in prod environment if pdi-ce-6.0 was not stable.

    the same issue verified in lower versions 4.3.0 and 3.2 as well but no issues found which is related to datetime.

    Currently i am doing POC in DEV environment only.
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