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Thread: Excel template -Value showing decimal

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    Default Excel template -Value showing decimal

    hi ,

    I am trying to load data from an excel file to Oracle table.
    When I click "get field from header row ..." , it shows few columns as number and few as string.
    After this when I click "preview rows" then it shows value with decimal i.e 2345.0 for 2345 for columns with data type number.

    When I put "#" in format for the same column I can see the value as 2345.

    So I am trying to understand , how "#" help us here i.e. what happens internally.

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    what ever might be the data, kettle automatically converts them into kettle's format, i.e) .0 is appended. In order to change this , we include #, so that it reads the data as in the input format itself without considering the kettle's format. You can either set the format as # or can change the datatype itself as string to read as it is from the input.
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