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Thread: Preprocessing stages for perform Bayes Net learning

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    Default Preprocessing stages for perform Bayes Net learning

    0 down vote favorite I'm trying to perform bayes net learning and my actual data is in csv format, tabular data of numerical type (average, mean, count values for different variables), and input of data to the toolbox Weka is carried out without problem, but when I tried to learn the structure of the data with Bayes Network, and go to Classifyers => Bayes , all the bayes classifiers are not available (not click-able). SO I guess something wrong with my data format
    Are there some steps that I should make before going to Bayes classifier? I haven't found any information about it in Tutorial for Bayes Net in Weka

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    Bayes nets in Weka are geared for prediction of a categorical target attribute. So your data will require a "class" attribute with discrete labels. Furthermore, they operate on categorical input variables too - but in this case, Weka will discretize input variables automatically.


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