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Thread: Pentaho BA + Kerberos auth

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    Question Pentaho BA + Kerberos auth

    I need to implement kerberos auth in pentaho ba. As i understand, Pentaho isn't supporting Kerberos Extension of Spring Security.
    is there some way to configure kerberos auth in pentaho ba? if so, can you help me with that?

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    Not sure what a Kerberos extension would do, but I would start by searching for Pentaho SSO on google. As far as spring security goes, try to look around for the spring related jars in whichever version of the Pentaho BA server you have. It should be possible to plugin whatever you want.

    I found the following helpful

    OpenID, SAML etc.

    for Jasig CAS

    My CAS was set up against Microsoft AD.

    Pentaho DOES support authentication against AD by using LDAP binding using the spring framework. We've used that too and it's pretty easy to find out there.

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    We use Kerberos+AD authentification/authorization. So, First Petnaho shoud authentificate user by Kerberos,and then authorize by AD, as my colleague from security department said me.
    I googled some spring security documentation about kerberos extension.
    I know that I need to add spring security Kerberos extension to pentaho lib, create file applicationContext-spring-security-kerberos.xml and configure beans, but have no idea to do that.
    Anyway, thanks for your reply!

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