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Thread: Pentaho reporting output encoding issue

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    Default Pentaho reporting output encoding issue

    Hi everybody,

    I'm having an extrange problem when trying to generate a prpt report in PDI 5.3 CE.

    My source is a Mondrian cube and I'm getting an error of member not found when it's name contains the letter ñ. If I make a preview in PRD it works fine and the same MDX query also works in saiku.

    Using PDI 5.4 I get no error but the output is empty.

    Is it possible to solve this?

    Thanks and regards

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    I found the problem, is not an encoding problem but something with the MDX parsing.

    I was calling my member like [Dimension].[member], that made Mondrian use the UPPER MySQL function to find the member causing ñ members not being found, by changing for [Dimension].[Level].[member] the report was well generated.

    Hope this helps someone.


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