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Thread: Add next step after output step

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    Default Add next step after output step

    I'm using MongoDB Output step for save documents into Mongo from Kafka. The whole transformation is infinite until you stop it manually.
    The main my goal is getting _id from Mongo after save and add next step after for do something with received _id. But MongoDB output doesn't support receiving _id after save
    Ok, I want to add next step MongoDB Input after save to load saved document back from db. But I see that MongoDB output doesn't produce any rows after processing, as a result I can't add next step after MongoDB output directly. I think that the same problem will occur for any transformation output step e.g. SQL Table output because is assumed that Output step is the last in transformation.

    How to avoid my problem?

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    You can change Data Movement to Copy from the step menu immediately in front of MongoDB-Output.
    Use Select-Values then to cut down your memory footprint by removing unnecessary fields from the split stream.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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