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Thread: Splitting unstructured data in a column to multiple field.

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    Default Splitting unstructured data in a column to multiple field.

    Dear All,

    I have a requirement, where i need to split the value from one column(Field1) to, two separate fields(SplitField-1 & SplitField-2).

    Since there are no particular length or delimiter, its not possible to use "Split field" option.
    Field1 SplitField-1 SplitField-2
    nil p.m.
    ≤ 4 p.a.
    nil p.m. ≤ 4 p.a.
    ≤ 7 p.m
    ≤ 80 p.a
    ≤ 7 p.m ≤ 80 p.a
    12 session p.a. Null 12 session p.a.

    nil p.m.
    ≤ 4 p.a.
    Note: there is a line break between two lines.

    Could anyone help me to proceed.

    Thank you


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    Cannot use a CR character in the Split field step?
    Maybe you can insert it as HEX character?
    -- Mick --

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    Do you have a way of defining logic that is 100% correct for all cases?
    If you can't define the logic in a way that can be explained in English (or any other language), you won't be able to apply it in any software either.

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