Hello everyone, I have a weird problem that I can't seem to find any definitive answer for.

I have a transformation that uses the "Pentaho Reporting Output File" step to run a report. The PDI job started failing in production with the following error message during the "Pentaho Reporting Output File" step in PDI:

"Warning: Data-Set does not contain a column with name 'Pipeline'"

I do refer to 'Pipeline' in the report but only as the "value" property of labels - it is not the name of any of the query fields (I'm not aliasing any of the query fields to "Pipeline" either).

I see another error in the log file if it helps:

"Configured configuration-properties based override for global read-hander. Change your code to use proper module-initializers instead. This method of configuring the parser will go away in the next major version.

Has anyone seen this issue?